Salmon with Red Wine Sauce + Processing Married Life

People often ask me “How is married life?”  That and “So, when are there going to be babies?” is vying for the next most popular question. I’m not sure what is an appropriate response to the first question, let alone … Continue reading

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Foodbuzz + a Fall Pizza Party

I decided to take a tiny break from dreaming about Spain and spend some time in my much neglected kitchen.  As lovely as it is to reminisce about our summer honeymoon, now two months fresh in my mind, there is … Continue reading

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J’s Dark Chocolate Birthday Cake

It was my fiancé J’s birthday on Tuesday, merely days before our wedding this weekend. That’s a sufficient reason to slightly panic, right? Our birthdays are exactly one week apart, so sharing celebrations comes as no surprise to us. We’ve … Continue reading

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A New Journey: The Quest for Grandma’s Banh Bot Loc, part 3

With the wedding only a few weeks away, I’m proud to say that I completed the goal I set out for myself just earlier this summer when I first began this journey for my Ba Noi’s Banh Bot Loc recipe.  … Continue reading

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Peanut Noodles with Chicken

These days, I have been a lazy cook. With J and my wedding steadily approaching in just a few weeks, I no longer have free evenings to grocery shop, prep ingredients, and cook.  All I want to do is just … Continue reading

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