The Motherland

At 18 years old, my mother faced a life-changing choice. It was 1975 – the year Vietnam fell to Communism in the war.  My grandfather had asked my mother if she wanted to stay behind in Vietnam or flee the … Continue reading

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We ran in every city

“Go out and walk.  That is the glory of life.” – Maria Kalman via Brainpickings It was the first time on vacation that I packed my sneakers for the purpose of running.  It was summer in the Pacific Northwest, and … Continue reading

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It started with a question

Last July, my husband and I spent over 2 weeks traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We hopped from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver and back to Seattle again.  One of my favorite spots was a cafe called Small Victory in … Continue reading

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Time Traveling in Japan

My husband and I returned from our 2-week vacation to Japan in early April.  We were happy, tired, reinvigorated, reflective, and appreciative –the feelings that can come from a meaningful trip.  It was a trip we had originally intended for … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe | Into the Darkest Woods

I was worried about driving with tire chains.  This would be the first time that J and I drove into Tahoe on our own, and snow season was right on the cusp in mid-November. We were not an outdoorsy couple, … Continue reading

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