It started with a question

Cafe Series

Last July, my husband and I spent over 2 weeks traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We hopped from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver and back to Seattle again.  One of my favorite spots was a cafe called Small Victory in Vancouver, Canada.

Cafe Series

It was just two blocks away from the Airbnb apartment in the Yaletown neighborhood.  I spent three mornings there – writing and people-watching.  The latte and London Fog latte were crafted well, the croissant and blueberry almond brioche pastries were delicious and delicately flaky, and the decor was minimally trendy with modern gold details and ash wood panels.  It was my kind of scene and the perfect space to marvel at how I found myself on this trip.  

It started with a question.  

Earlier in the year, J & I were waiting in line for dinner at the ever-popular Ramen Dojo restaurant.  I had asked What would it take for us to ever move out of the Bay Area?  It was meant to be a fun, blue-sky type of discussion.  The questions then led to Where else would we want to live?  New York?  Canada?  Japan?  What kind of jobs could we have over there?  

At one point in the conversation, I wondered if there was a way we could have the best of both worlds.  How could we experience living away without uprooting our lives at home?  The question lingered for the rest of the evening, and then tangible ideas began to form into a solid plan.  

We had a trip already booked for Portland in July to attend the World Domination Summit for a few days.  We then calculated whether time, expenses, and work-schedules could make it feasible to extend our trip.  It grew from a few days to 2.5 weeks, from a visit to Portland to a tour of the Pacific Northwest.  While there were definitely some obstacles to figure out, we found a way to make it work.

Cafe Series

We’re already looking forward to our next adventure, eventually working our way to a month off or even a summer dedicated to living abroad.  A year ago, this kind of trip did not exist for us and our lifestyles.  We couldn’t even conceive of it.  And now it feels entirely possible.

Sometimes it takes a good question to allow for possibilities to form.  To consider a new way of living.

Cafe Series

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  • chustar

    This was the very first coffee shop I went to when I moved to Vancouver in January! (after the obligatory Tim Horton’s)

    • Chuma! You’re in Vancouver now! How are you enjoying it? We walked by Tim Horton’s, but didn’t stop by. I LOVED Small Victory – that’s a great find in your neighborhood.