365 | Week 2

Week 2 was buzzing with lots of activity and people.  I spent lots of time with friends and co-workers going to work trainings, hanging out at trivia night at the local dive, catching up with a mentor, spending an evening at an outdoor wine bar, and relishing in the rare sunny morning in San Francisco.  What’s nice about Project 365 is that I get to really slow down and pay attention to what’s happening around me, despite the noise and distractions.  Everyday I get to ask myself “What do I find beautiful or eye catching?” and “What image best captures my day?”

Day 8. Good morning.
Good morning.  Day 8

Day 9. Won’t you sit awhile with me?
Won't you sit awhile with me?  Day 9.

Day 10. Trivia night.
Trivia night.  Day 10.

Day 11. Go Greek.
Go Greek.  Day 11.

Day 12. Seeing red.
Seeing red.  Day 12.

Day 13. Bribing with flowers.
Bribing with flowers. Day 13.

Day 14. Zach Houston‘s Poemstore.
Zach Houston's Poemstore. Day 14

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  • Love your pictures! I love that about Project 365 too – makes you see the world in a whole different light.

    • Thanks Kristen. I agree about the challenge of “seeing the everyday differently.” Speaking of light, that’s one of the areas to brush up on in my photography!

  • Anonymous

    Love your sight. I also love project 365, although I’ve never done it… I have loved looking at it through the lenses of others. Great photos!

    • Thanks for stopping by Natalie. It’s my first time for Project 365 and it’s been a great learning process for me. I have no idea what I’ll take a photo of next!

  • Hi, visiting from SITSGirls. Love your 365 project. It gives a whole new perspective on every day living. And it’s great that you ask yourself “what do I find beautiful or eye catching”, it’s a much better way to greet each day.

    • Hello fellow SITSGirl! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I do find that it’s a more positive way to start each day. It’ll be awesome to look back on my year through new eyes.

  • Shawn

    I just can’t get enough of that bench! Lovely!

    • Thanks Shawn. Unfortunately, I was on my way to a meeting so I never got to really sit on it that morning. Maybe one morning when it’s not so busy…

  • Sandra Kohlmann

    I am in love with Project 365 posts. Your pictures are beautiful.