365 | Week 3

Do you ever feel like you’ve lived a lifetime in a moment?  A year within a week or a few years within one?  That’s what the entire 2011 felt like and that also describes Week 3.  Week 3 was a blur of every possible emotion – sadness, love, anger, appreciation, and joy.  It was a rising tide of ups and downs, crazy life curve balls, yet ended on the hopeful note of Lunar New Year’s Eve.  It’s nice to know that when big life happens, the little things can still provide comfort throughout the day.  Even if it’s sipping a cup of hot chocolate with a friend, buying myself a silly happy reminders’ calendar, or the pink slippers that my husband J gave me for Christmas.  Those comforts help a lot.  I’m so glad that I have this Project 365 to honor the little things in my life.

Day 15.  Just one bite of alfajor.
Just one bite of alfajor. Day 15

Day 16.  Afternoon run.
Afternoon run.  Day 16

Day 17.  Buddha in the window.
Buddha in the window.  Day 17

Day 18.  Au Revoir!
Au Revoir!  Day 18

Day 19.  Pink fuzzies.
Pink fuzzies.  Day 19

Day 20.  Happiness daily reminder. 
Happiness Daily Reminder.  Day 20

Day 21.  I need coffee now.
I need coffee now.  Day 21

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  • Kristen

    I hope this week is going better for you Pauline! Your pictures are beautiful. I loooove alfajors, but I haven’t had one in sooooo long. I can’t get them in Japan.

    • It definitely has been on the upswing. Trying to surround myself with lovely and positive things and people! How about you? I devoured the alfajor, which was a random find in a cafe. I haven’t eaten one in a few years! I’m sure you have your share of mochi and pastries in Japan. I’ve been wanting to go for awhile now!