365 | Week 4

Last week was filled with family, friends, food, and libations – a combination for fun times.  My mom came over with my brothers to celebrate our first new year’s dinner together on Monday.  I also got to catch up with friends throughout the week over happy hour and a thoroughly enjoyable wine tasting night-in.  My contribution was the Francis Coppola Merlot and I got to discover a few new favorite reds: a well-rounded and smooth Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon and a slightly sweet and soft sparkly Unruly Zinfandel.  Those are definitely going into my wine go-to list.  I ended an already good week by cooking dinner for friends.  On my Happiness Project calendar, February 1st reads: “What are your favorite parts of your ordinary day?”   The question is very fitting for this project.

Day 23.  Kumquat centerpiece.
Day 23.  Kumquat centerpiece.

Day 24.  Olympian happy hour.
Day 24.  Olympian happy hour.

Day 25.  Footprints in the sky.
Day 25.  Footprints in the sky.

Day 26.  Magritte versus Kahlo.
Day 26.  Magritte versus Kahlo.

Day 27.  An evening with Francis.
Day 27.  An evening with Francis.

Day 28.  Beer for dessert.
Day 28.  Beer for dessert.

Day 29Fresh tomato sauce.
Day 29.  Fresh tomato sauce.

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  • The wine tasting sounds great. I’m getting more into wines and using them more in cooking also. Your kumquat centerpiece is adorable.

    • Hi Debra,

      I love coming across recipes that use wine, also. My latest favorite was a red-wine and balsamic reduction sauce. Any others that you would recommend?

      P.S. Kumquat was a Vietnamese New Year’s gift from mom. Although, I’m not sure when they are supposed to be ripe for eating!

  • The wine tasting sounds so fun! My favorite parts of my ordinary day are watching the sunset over the ocean from my balcony and relaxing on the couch with my husband after a long day. Have a great week!

    • Wow! Watching the sunset over an ocean alone sounds extraordinary, but having the view from your balcony takes it to another level! I’d love to see the view that you have. I would also have to agree that seeing the hubby at the end of the day (and beginning of it) rocks, too. I hope your week is going well.