Paris with Picnik

As much as I try to perfect my shots, sometimes giving your photos a bit of digital oomph is necessary.  I’ve been working at improving my Photoshop, especially now that I blog and the idea of readers is motivation for me to publish “blog-worthy” photos.  Learning Photoshop is, honestly, very painstaking and sometimes tedious.  There is just SO much to learn in achieving the desired effect, that on occasion, I get frustrated and turn to my convenient and simplified photo editing tools and filters like iPhoto or Picasa.  Black and white or sepia?  One click.  Done.  Slight blur for that angelic glow?  Click.  The effects look great, although I do feel like I’m cheating.

I’m definitely seeing much of these instant photo filters on smart phone apps, such as for the iPhone and FX Camera for the Android.  A new free online photo editing site that I recently discovered (thanks to Sugarlaws website!), is Picnik.  It’s super easy and fun to use and I love that it can sync with photos already on your Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and computer.  There’s also no annoying account registration.  I played around with the different filters with a photo that I shot in Paris during the summer 2006.

Original Paris photo {July 2006}

Paris photo, using the Picnik 1960s filter.  I also love that it rounded out the photo corner to give it a fun vintage flair.

Another fun photo editing system to add to my “cheating” repertoire.  You never know when you’ll need that fix.

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